Gold market commentary by Itsuo Toshima

The reason that Saudi Arabia is not to cut production of crude oil Behind-the-scenes moves in crude oil 00 US dollars avoidance Geopolitical risk of Saudi onset that broke out in the US mid-term elections just before. Market, [physical evidence and the truth of the incident] of Turkey Eldo Anne president that is will be announced today is, any if the contents are. Not completely measure, it is defensive. Crude oil market also in the attitude of [wait], in floating tension, the price is a small movement. First of all, Turkey and Saudi Arabia indecision to the west, has been competing for leadership in the Middle East. Therefore, this time of the Saudi journalist murder is, Turkey Eldo for the Anne president would be a chance of [a golden]. Leaks incidents related information to dispensing, and maximum use of [trump heavens gave. It is said also to have been watching the reaction of between Saudi side and the US side. At the time of Turkish lira slumped, Erdogan president of authoritarian politics has been criticized crisis of central bank independence maintained.

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