Crustal movement of energy security

The reason that Saudi Arabia is not to cut production of crude oil Crustal movement of energy security Also target international terrorism Japanese frequently Blank of power in were born after the Iraq war that the United States has planted the Middle East. Iraq's Saddam Hussein regime power balance falls down is destroyed. Was back to its former Middle East was called the world of powder keg. The rise of 2.0 years to the outbreak the Syria civil war and the IS (Islamic State), the Middle East fell into chaos. Terrorism is spreading, Japan also has become a target all over the world. And Kenji Goto journalists have been killed in IS to 0 years in Syria, Yukawa Harukana's incident also was a tragic thing. No exception in that it is Japan anymore. No, it IS is he is positioned as terrorism target countries by name Japan from 0 years but rather as an American ally. 0 date, also fresh in memory of Japanese people in Bangladesh have been killed by terrorism. Author 0's from the 1990s, when I was responsible for the export of automobile manufacturers to the Middle East market, the people of Kano land air to respect the Japan became after economic powers of the Second World War there was evident .

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