Chapter 0 featured happens denuclearization of the Middle ...

The reason that Saudi Arabia is not to cut production of crude oil Or nuclear weapons is Chapter 0 Special denuclearization of the Middle East to without Middle East of [nuclear] problem is also one of the main agenda in the month of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference. Israel and Iran, and When I visited Egypt, both citizens peacefully living, not hear the calls for war. However, when attention is paid to the history and power balance of the country, comes into view the political situation that leads to de facto possession and suspected development of nuclear weapons. The key to free of nuclear weapons Middle East development is there. Tension relapse with Israel Arab countries About 0 km from the capital city of Jerusalem to the west. Countries in Tel Aviv, such as architectural style suggests that the influence of the European put the embassy. Sight of people come and go through the town at the seaside rest, with a smile is, forget that this country has become a Middle Eastern flashpoint. However, in the center of the city there is a scene that at the time of Prime Minister Rabin was assassinated in years.

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