Iran: nuclear oil market and the Middle East balance of power

The reason that Saudi Arabia is not to cut production of crude oil Iran's nuclear development issues and international speculation and the tug of war, such as the United States Iraq and Iran differences Before five days the deadline the UN Security Council on the suspension of nuclear activities of Iran has set expires, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was carried out in a big way the dedication ceremony of the heavy water production plant in Iran Central. This was done in the context of the propaganda war over the possibility of economic sanctions and military attack, was an act of a new taunts from the Iranian government against the West. The propaganda war has continued for more than two years The propaganda war is a psychological war aimed at forcing it to accept the request of the United States and its allies in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The United States and its allies, Iran regime in the Middle East policies that they propose is requesting that you give in. According to the evaluation of the war shop us, Iran has three more years to become a member of the nuclear club, it should take four years or five years.

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